New Year & a New type of Resolutions


I’ve started a new blog at new year.

Here is a post about all the things I want to change about me… kinda!

As we approach 2019, I feel a weight of disappointment that 2018 was quite a wasted year. I honestly can’t think of many positives I achieved.

So I guess I should look onwards to 2019 with a positive mindset.

Firstly I have decided to not write new year’s resolutions… I never stick to them which makes me really frustrated with myself and I end up in a mental place I don’t like to visit. Instead, for 2019, I’m going to set myself some monthly goals. Some of these goals will seem really small and simple to most people, however to me some of them will be mountains.

So here goes…

January Goals

Blog – Upload 3 different posts per week throughout January – so 12 posts in total

Blog – Upload at least one post per category (up on the header)

Stream – Do one stream, with or without mic.

Travel – Plan and visit somewhere new

Me – Lose some weight. I’m not putting a specific number goal down for this as I know I will just become disheartened. I will weigh myself on 1st January and that will be my starting.

Me – I will leave the house at least 4 times per week. This is something I find really hard to do a lot of the time, this is quite a mountain.

Food – Last year I started making meal plans at the start of each month. This is something I want to continue. My goal on this would be to stick to every day and have no takeaways!

Water – This will be the hardest for me. I plan on only drinking water throughout the month. No juice or fizziness!

I think that is it for January. Quite simple things, but somewhat challenging! I think doing these monthly will make them more achievable then the normal yearly ones.

Here is to an exciting year ahead with lots of writing, playing, creating and positivity!!

Clare x

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