A Monumental Minecraft Challenge

In Minecraft 1.13, there are 967 items. 1.14 is around the corner with a handful of more blocks.

I have played Minecraft since 1.7 and I think it is safe to say I am pretty addicted. I do, however tend to struggle for inspiration. I haven’t ever really had a successful single player world, after a couple of attempts during the early days I decided to play online, on a skyblock world filled with challenges, which suited me perfectly. I spent hundreds of hours playing online. Unfortunately this server was not updated and I really wanted to play the latest update so I moved onto a new server, owned by one of my favourite youtubers, Rendog. I played on the survival server for a few months and loved it, however after hours and hours of work, and the assurance that the world would not reset, it reset for the release of 1.13. I know it was needed, but knowing how much work that was just lost has put me off playing on public servers. Heartbreaking!

Now I really want to play again – but I need a challenge. I need something to work towards. Something big.

I am a big fan of Hermitcraft. A group of Youtubers that play Minecraft together on a private server. They are really amazing builders, redstoners and content creators, and are currently on their 6th season.

Way back in Season 3 a particular hermit, Biffa2001, started a project that really got me inspired. His plan was to create a “museum of all things”. So he would collect every item, and every mob in the game. Amazing thing to strive for!

Now in Season 5, Rendog did a similar challenge, he aimed to collect a double chest full of every reasonably obtainable item in the game. This involved the biggest tree farm I’ve ever seen on the roof of the nether.

These two inspirational Youtubers have given me idea to go back to Minecraft and set a pretty huge challenge.

I am going to collect a double chest of every item in Minecraft!

That is every item! from buttons to dragon eggs!

This is going to be a very long challenge. I have thought for a while about how to store these items and have settled on a mall. A massive shopping centre filled with individual shops. Each shop will have a double chest in, each filled with a different item! This is going to be massive!!

There are some items which I need to decide how to approach, such as enchanted items and enchanted books. Each individual enchantment on a book is easy enough to deal with with, but each tool or armour with specific enchantments is going to be a bit of a struggle, but we will see, that will be a long time in the future. For obvious reasons – there will be no bedrock!

Another challenge is going to be making the mall look really good. I do struggle with design which is something I really want to work on. Hopefully I can make the world look amazing!!

I will update my blog as and when I think appropriate, probably monthly. I know weekly posts will get tedious and not very interesting, I don’t want posts to be just “today I crafted a lot of buttons”. I will have to work out a system of checking off what I have done though. That might come in a dedicated post that is constantly updated.

Super excited to do this, after all, I am a gaming hoarder!

Clare x

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