50 Challenges in Skyblock

For my second challenge I have decided on something I always loved doing, Minecraft skyblock. 

Skyblock starts with a small floating island in the sky, usually with a tree and a chest containing a few supplies with the overall objective to complete a set of challenges.

I am going to be playing a skyblock world that I found here, which includes a unique way to completing each challenge using a redstone system which, when completing a challenge, gives a reward.

This challenge is going to take a while to complete but I am super excited to carry it out. I have never played skyblock in a singleplayer world before, previously I played on a multiplayer server which had a fair few perks to it, including flight. This time it is going to be 100% vanilla. 

I am going to try and document this challenge as I go along. The first steps are going to be simple…. lets punch wood!


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