50 Challenges in Skyblock – Cobblestoning

The start of this challenge, as predicted, involved a whole bunch of punching wood and digging up cobblestone! 

My past creations of cobblestone generators have always ended up with a nice block of unbreakable obsidian and a sudden lack of lava.  This one worked first time! It was a minecraft miracle! 

So after setting up a small farm with the seeds and sugarcane that were in the starter chest, I started to mine the cobblestone. A very long and dull task – even after the upgrade to a stone pickaxe!! 

I was eager to get to one of the nearby islands, which houses the challenge rewards so slabbed my way out to it and found that my first challenge was a very simple one…. 1 piece of cobblestone! For this i was given a bunch of oak saplings and some more cobblestone, which settled my worry that the starter tree wouldn’t drop saplings, because that would have been game over. 

My next plans for the island is to do some more expanding, to work on an animal farm and maybe even a mob farm.  

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