50 Skyblock Challenges – All The Deaths!

This week I have continued to expand the island in a couple of different directions.

Firstly I decided to remove all of the dirt that was beneath the starter island and start to work on a grassed area which would hopefully start spawning some passive mobs. To do this I started a pathway of dirt to try and move the grass along to an area just off to the side. I do think this will be a slow process but I like the idea of a large grass area to get the optimum amount of animals. Food was starting to become a problem!

While the grass spreads I knew one important thing I needed to build was a mob farm. With extremely limited resources this has to be a very simple one… which turned into a very dangerous place for me. I simply made a dark box that was two wide so that spiders could spawn.

The first thing I noticed was a huge number of bats that spawned! 

The mob spawns were incredible, which was mainly due to the rest of the base being made out of half slabs. 

Unfortunately, because the farm is two blocks wide, when I stand close to it the skeletons can see me, and shoot me. Even worse the creepers can also see me. Let me introduce you to my first death…

 Whilst putting down a safety wall around the farm, a creeper got eyes on me and the net thing i knew i was falling into the void. The damage was pretty bad, but reparable. I have kept the farm 2 wide but I do believe I have mastered the killing. Swipe and run backwards!

My second death was rather a noobish one. After some time fighting the mobs I turn back to the starter island and find some friends…

One of the pigs wandered into the hole where I stand to mine the cobble. I hopped in with him and started to mine… however I didn’t think about the pig’s hit-box, which pushed me from the hole into the lava once the cobble had been mined. It felt as though I had lost the ability to jump and I burnt to death! 

Challenge wise I managed to complete a few. These were very simple challenges, such as 10 oak logs, a stack of oak planks, 10 dirt and a pumpkin. I’m not going to post pictures every time I complete a challenge, as all the images would look very similar.

The next challenge to work towards is going to be a bit of a grind. It requires 4 jack o’lanterns, which as I am playing in 1.13, means I need some sheers to carve it. So the plan is to kill zombies and pray for iron! 

This could take a while!

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