50 Challenges in Skyblock – On the Iron hunt!

The grind was on! I never imagined the first iron I gathered on this game would be for sheers! However the new 1.13 method of getting jack o’lanterns mean’t I had to sit in for the long grind!

While waiting for iron I worked on a new grassy area which incorporated all the food farms and a passive mob farm. It really wasn’t too long before I had some more friends…. which I swiftly killed! There will be more time for sentimental farming later in the game!

After going backwards and forwards killing mobs, I finally found something white and shiny!

And it really wasn’t too much longer before I got the second which meant I could finally do some carving.

The following quests were simple farming crops. I did have the majority of the items, such as sugarcane and wheat. The next grind was for some cacti. So decided to make a new, much larger farm, with a little automation.

I needed more sand for this so I ventured out for some from the sand island where we found the original cactus. After a little digging I found a chest…

Now I have almost all I need for a nether portal! One of the previous rewards gave me some gravel so I can mine for some flint. Back to the grind for iron!

Challenges went in the direction of mob drops but were halted with the request for string. Although my mob farm is 2 wide, they don’t seem to spawn! So my next step is to make a new mob farm, a bit bigger with a drop system.

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