Flamingo Cakes

Back in December….

Me: “What type of cake do you want?”

Hannah: “FLAMINGO”


I started the hobby of cake decorating when Hannah was 4, this week she turned 10!! That is 6 years worth of disasters, tears and an incredible amount of buttercream! This year would be no exception.

I usually try to make two things, usually a cake and a bunch of cupcakes. Not usually needed but I find cupcakes better for parties. This year I took inspiration from a couple of youtube videos.

The Cupcakes!

The inspiration was taken from here

This was a very simple but effective technique. Firstly I learnt about baking fondant to make it hard, I was concerned about floppy necks but the baking made them incredibly hard! Unfortunately the flamingo necks didn’t travel well and on the trip to the birthday girl’s house there was a casualty.

Overall I wasn’t particularly happy with the cupcakes. The piping wasn’t great and it was really hard to deal with the necks.

The Cake!

The star of the show! The inspiration came from here.

The first thing I learnt was to stick to what you know! The cake recipe turned out to not be suitable, as I added the buttercream to the sides the cake just fell apart. It was awful. The only thing I could think to do was to start again with a trusted recipe, which I should have used from the start!

After that there were no real challenges.

I have to say, painting with candy melts is such a fun thing to do. It was so chilled out. I painted the wings and neck, the set withing minutes! The wings were fixed to the side of the cake before leaving, but I waited to put the neck in place.

I really worried about how the cake would turn out but overall I am pretty happy with it.

The birthday girl was super happy and I was given my orders by her sister for her birthday cake for August!

The research has started!


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