Papa’s Fish & Chip – Beautiful in every way

On Saturday 26th January I visited Hull, to see my family. It was decided that we would take my Grandma out for lunch. Which began the challenge to decide where to go.

My Grandma has a few issues that we needed to take into account when choosing. We needed wheelchair accessibility – not just an entrance into the building, but also moving around when inside. She is also on oxygen, one of the pubs I suggested had an open fire lit during winter, so that was a no go!

We (finally) decided on Papas Fish and Chip restaurant, in Bilton. We have heard good things about the place since it opened but never tried it.

As we entered the building we hit our first wheelchair related problem, the 4 doors were were a little awkward to navigate through but a member of staff was there to help practically instantly.

We were seated next to the radiator which, although very warm, was really touching that they considered that an elderly person would need to be sat somewhere warm. It is something simple but it really means a lot when staff consider individual customers’ needs.

The next step was to order. I already knew what I wanted. Living in Leeds now, I really miss patties. Our waitress (who I regrettably didn’t get her name) took her time to explain the sizes of the different fish to my Grandma and parents and helped them to come to the decision of senior meals, which came with a pudding!

All of our meals were amazing. Something I didn’t realise is that mine actually came with two patties! My Grandma and parent’s meals looked beautiful. The batter on the fish was light and crispy. The advice we were given about sizes was perfect as this fish was just the right size for them. The chips were equally as good.

After a little break we ordered our puddings. Everyone had a sponge of sorts, Mum and Grandma has syrup, Dad had Jam and I opted for Lemon. The size of the sponge was huge! All of which were, again, beautiful.

I wish I had taken some photographs. Of both the food and the stunning ceilings. I wish I had paid more attention to the staff names, especially the lady that served us as she was so incredibly kind, honest and helpful.

I never planned on writing a review, hence the lack of photographs. I just felt that the experience we had was deserved of one.

This is a place that I WILL be visiting again.

Simply Beautiful


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