PS+ Super Mutant Alien Assault

I spent two hours listening to dubstep and staring into a 90’s style arcade game filled with bright colours and confusion.

I played Super Mutant Alien Assault on the Playstation Vita, which is a console that I have never really played on so it took me a while to get used to the controls.

This game seems simple enough. Each level has a randomly generated map and objective. From what I can tell there are three different objectives, general killing, transporting tanks and turning off sirens.

I haven’t ever really played games that were 8-bit, apart from the Atari days! Playing this game I realised why!

I didn’t get it. I spent 2 hours playing. I worked out how the game worked, what to kill, what each objective was, what each weapon did, yet I never made it past the second level. The only reason I stuck with it so long was it had good music.

I understand that this type of game appeals to a lot of people, especially those that enjoy the old style games, however it really wasn’t for me. Although the visuals for the game changed each time I played, it was very repetitive, I’m not sure getting to a high level would have changed that. I was pretty bored after playing for a short time.

I did really look forward to this game, but unfortunately it was really not for me.

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