PS+ Portal Knights

The best of January’s Playstation plus games is by far Portal Knights. The bright graphics and variety of locations make it a very relaxing and and pleasant game, while keeping challenging aspects.

The game is developed by Keen and is comprised of different islands, each with its own terrain, resources and challenges. There are also a wide range of enemies throughout each island, increasing in difficulty as the game progresses, including some boss levels.

Portal Knights does have a slight Minecraft vibe, what with the mining and the crafting, but there is so much more to it. The challenges, so far, are not repetitive, the islands are all different and have their own challenging environments, each one is unlocked after building a portal to it from the previous island.

After a few sessions I have reached level 8. There was a basic tutorial but I mainly picked it up as I went along. The hardest part I have found was a boss, the Slime Queen, which after racing through each island, I discovered I was extremely under powered! So I set myself a home base and began working on better armour and weapons. It didn’t take long before I could take on Her Royal Slimeness and head to the next portal.

Now this game seems to be an incredible grind! There are items to craft that need materials from a range of different islands but I don’t mind this. I have spent hours of my life mining in Minecraft and this game is so pleasant to play I can see myself doing likewise.

The only confusing part of Portal Knights is the online mode. I assumed it would be an open world where you could see other players around the islands, however it seems as though it is only online with Playstation friends who happen to be playing the game online, A bit of a shame but as this game appears to be aimed at kids, completely understandable.

From the January PS+ games, this is the only one that I can see myself continuing with for a long time.


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