50 Challenges in Skyblock – Disastrous Mob Farms

This week the emphasise was getting string. I needed 64 for the challenge as as my current mob farm didn’t spawn spiders I got to work on a new farm.

The plan was to make 2×2 platforms above water that flowed into a shoot. A simple farm that I have built before, however it didn’t work well. I needed to make the shoot wide so the spiders fell down and didn’t cling onto the sides, but then I couldn’t always pick up the loot at the bottom. I ended up making a water stream into a smaller area….but everything I did I wasn’t really happy with, so a pulled it down.

Now during the building of this farm I ended up killing a lot of spiders, which gave me around 40! So after breaking up the farm I make a platform where mobs could just spawn for me to kill. This worked – a little too well!

I did also have an accident…. I headed up next to the cactus farm to get a screenshot and got shot.

I did end up finally getting all the string I needed so I disabled the spawning area by turning it all back into half slabs and went back to the old farm.

The challenges continued to be mob drops which, which I had the majority of thanks to the early build of the mob farm. For most of these I was given a mob head as a reward, along with some tipped arrows.

The next challenge is seems pretty simple, a yellow bed, which I think will start some challenges for passive mobs.

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