50 Challenges in Skyblock – Half Way There!

The hunt for iron happened and got us to half way though all of the challenges! I do feel like it is about to get harder though!

A few challenges done this week included a yellow bed, leather and a book case. Simple enough. I was even giving a fancy top!

Another of the rewards in these was some mycylium, enabling me to finally grow my mushrooms, which I did in order to complete challenge number 22 – 10 mushroom soups!

The next challenge was the beginning of some more iron grinding which is very unpredictable! I expanded the mob farm slightly and got to work killing zombies.

It actually didn’t take too long to get an ingot…. but that wasn’t the challenge! I needed a nugget. So I broke the most valuable thing I currently need in the game down to a tiny nugget of nothingness. My Reward… iron horse armour! Not useful… until I saw the next challenge!

1 Iron ingot. sigh

Luckily the iron horse armour can now be smelted down to a nugget. A little wasteful but essential in this challenge!

My reward for the completed ingot was 2 iron ingots! Challenge number 25 was a simple one…. 10 oak leaves. The game expected me to use the ingots to make sheers but luckily I still had mine from the pumpkin challenge. This challenge rewarded me with some spruce saplings which is really awesome.

The reward of iron will allow me to finally get to the nether, just intime for the next challenge…. craft an observer!

I am now exactly half way through the 50 challenges, I feel it is about the start getting harder though!


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