PS+ Hitman

My previous reviews of the Playstation Plus games were after 2+ hours playing. I’m not sure I made it to 30 minutes of Hitman.

When a Playstation Plus free game gets announced I always get super excited when there is a game I have actually heard of! This was no exception, however I had never seen any gameplay footage of the game so didn’t know what to expect.

The game takes some skill. The aim is to carry out orders to eliminate a target without getting caught by using disguises, distractions and weapons. The game starts with a target onboard a boat, on a film set. It took me a while to get the hang of the mission but eventually I killed the target and escaped. Great! The next step was to do the same, but in various different ways. This became extremely repetitive and, because I was awful, I became very bored.

This game would be perfect for someone that is quite logical and has patience! I really want to give this another go and work hard at it but so far, the game is really not for me. I got bored so quickly which is really unfortunate.

If I manage to bring myself to play again I might re-visit this review… maybe.

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