February Fails… Bring on the Daffodils

February was a pretty awful month for me but, hopefully, the worst is now behind me. My motivation was at an all time low and don’t think I did particularly well with my monthly aims.


BlogWrite 15 posts, a slight increase from January

Fail!! I wrote a grand total of 6 and one of them was the February goal post!

BlogPlay and write about all of February’s PlayStation Plus games

Kinda. I only played the PS4 games and wrote about two of them. For Honor was good but I just didn’t sink enough time into the game to be able to write a fair review.

BlogWrite at least one blog post per category

Simple – nope!

MeLose weight – a bit more this time!

This has been a horrible month and many aspects. My weight has pretty much stayed the same

MeDrink ONLY water, and at least 5 cups (500ml) per day

I definitely haven’t drank enough per day. There have been a couple of drinks that were not water, but the majority has been. I’m pretty proud of how much I have have cut back on fizzy drinks.

MeRead a new book.

Done! I even started a reading challenge to read different genres each month which I am loving.

FoodStick to the meal plan!

Mostly! There were a couple of moments when we ordered bad food, or ate out. Still a lot less that previous months.

Social MediaBuild up my Twitter and Instagram

This is something I haven’t even touched.


Onto March. Spring is almost here and with it we are starting to have some warmer weather. I want to take advantage of that.

March is going to be the month where I start looking after myself. I know I should always be doing that, but I don’t.

Me – Lose some weight, some actual weight with an actual goal of a 12lb loss. That is 3lb per week which should be an achievable goal.

Me – Drink Water – Again I need to focus on drinking lots of water.

Me – Walk! Do lots of walks. This is something I find difficult but I have to do it!

Blog – I’m not going set any specific blog goals. I’m just going to write and try and build my confidence in not only the writing, but also the promotion of my blog.

Me – Continue with the reading challenge. Try and fit a couple of books in this month

Photography – Take 9 high quality images and start an Instagram portfolio. Photography is something I always loved doing – and then I stopped. I have some great ideas. I just need to get out there now and do it.

Social Media – Same as last month – work on building up my twitter an Instagram. I am undecided if I will create a new Instagram purely for my photography.

I’m excited to get this Month going and start to change myself.

Clare x

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