Nothing to Say

At the start of the year I set out a plan to work hard creating blog. I ended up missing out on some of my writing schedule, and then just stopped blogging all together. Keeping a blog going is something I have always wanted to do, but how do I do that? How do I write when I have nothing to say?

I think I tend to put too much pressure on myself to write, too much pressure to make sure my posts are in an order, categorised correctly and posted on the scheduled date. When I break any of these “rules” I pretty much just give up. I wait for a long time and then start again, by deleting old posts and start again, pretending that it never happened. Deleting my past is not possible so why should I delete my past posts, regardless of how unorganised it is, or how much I give up!

My obsession with making sure things are in order has been refereed to numerous times as OCD, however I think that condition is used for anyone that likes to be organised which does belittle the actual serious disorder many people suffer with.

The pressure I put on myself to blog doesn’t help with my already difficult mental health. Whenever I stop writing I tend to feel like I have failed at my plans, so I may as well quit. This is a vicious circle that I want to get myself out of and enable myself to start writing again – regardless of subject, order or frequency,

I will return to blogging, as and when I have something to say!

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