2020 Vision

2018 2019 2020 is going to be the year I sort my life out. *sigh*

Every year I fail in my new year resolutions to be a better, healthier person and yet I still go through the motions of writing the post, making this promises and sticking to it for all of 5 minutes. Every year I say that this one will be different. It never is.

I’ve been putting this off, normally on the 1st of January I have a list of everything I want to change/achieve for the year and I post it but this year I have held back, I’m not really sure why. Maybe it is because I don’t really know what I want to do, maybe it is just because I’m done with planning out everything I want to achive and then having to deal with my mental health when I realise I have, for another year, failed.

Who knows?

This year is going to be different… oh my, the times I have said that!

Rather than “I will” it will be “I want to”. Doesn’t seem like a big difference but in my mind it is. “I will” makes me feel like a failure when I fail, which I usually do. “I want to” is not a promise, it is something i, well, want. Something to aim for but if i do fail i will hopefully look at how much i did acheive… hopefully anyway!

So here goes, my 2020 Visions (I had to use that title for obvious pun related reasons)

I want to lose a significant amount of weight: I know, Every year I say the same thing. This time is different (i have said that a lot in the past too)

I want to have the start of a successful brand: Ok this is new. Last year I decided I wanted to start making and selling. I created a name (along with social accounts) but never really got going with it. This year I want to start and make a real identity.

I want to make a significant contribution to others: I want to volunteer at a charity to help people. I’ve thought about this for a while and the only thing stopping me is my self confidence and anxiety but I really want to try it. I’ve got some ideas in mind to make this happen.

I want to significantly reduce waste: Over the past couple of years I have really started to notice just how much waste we, as humans, create. I want to do my bit and reduce how much food and packaging waste I create. This is something that will be tricky, I’m not in a position where I can afford to change where or how I shop but I want to work on what I can control.

I want to get a control on all of my mental health issues: This will probably be the hardest part but I feel the past year i have learnt a lot and I am starting to understatnd it a lot more.

I want to write more: I love writing but never really have anything to say! I need to find things to say and say them!

I want to read more: Last year I started a reading challenge which I struggled with. I did however join the library and have been using it a fair bit. I want to get into reading every day and maybe write about what I read.

I want to be more creative: I just to be super creative however now I struggle for ideas. I see videos online and think “i can do that” and then never do.

I think that is enough. I’m going to follow this up with smaller plans to help reach these “wants” through the year.

So my overall 2020 vision: To do what I want!

Happy New Year, I’m just a bit late to the party!

Clare x

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