All the 2s

Hey! Remember when I said I wanted to write more?? I’m not sure if it is a sign that my second post of 2020 is on 2/2/20… Probably not.

January was a bit of a washout. It started well but then kinda trailed off into a cycle of self-destruction. I think the underlying problem with Janurary was my anxiety getting the better of me. There were a fair few uncertainties that got the better of me and really dragged me down.

I am starting February off with a better attitiude… Well on Monday, at least (the day when all new beginings/plans/aims should begin). I have been thinking alot about what I need to do and what I would like to achive. February being the shortest month means this should be easy, right?

So here goes:

Read Read Read! – One of my plans for this year was to read more… Something I didn’t really do in January. I was looking for a book group but my concern is I will hate the books chosen and end up giving up. Also there is always a chance the book will not be at my library. I found GoodReads which is filled with lists (oh how i love lists) of books to read. One that took my fancy was “Books to read once in your life”. This sounds perfect! So I picked a few out and ordered at the library, whislt waiting for them to arrive I took out a completely different book that wasnt on the list! I set up a goal on the GoodReads site to read 20 books in 2020. Due to starting a bit late, I need to catch up. So for February I want to read 4 books:

  • Rabbit, Run by John Updike
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  • Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  • To Kill a Mockingird by Harper Lee

Move Move Move! – Ok so this is always an issue for me. Somedays I hate the thought of going outside and I don’t move enough inside. Deep down I know I have to. I know it will benefit me, my weight and my overall health. It is just getting it done so I propose a challenge. Throughout February I will walk 60 miles. I was initially going suggest a marathon and then discovered that I did 54 miles in Januuary without even trying! It would be good to be able to increase it a little each month.

Drink Drink Drink! – I never drink enough, I get in trouble for not drinking pretty much every day, it is a constant bane of my life. I don’t know why but I just forget to drink. I can go full days without it and I know it isn’t good. So my plan is to work on drinking 5 of my water cups (250ml). I know 5 isnt enough but it is more than I currently drink and therefore an improvement. If I say more then I simply just wont do it! I need to work myself into it!

As I also have a Uni assignment due at the end of the month I am sticking to those three aims. Not too difficult but challenging enough!

Hopefully it will work well and I will start to feel better

Clare x

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