Finally got to take a Journey

In these days of lockdown, Sony kindly gave everyone a couple of free games. These games were once given away with PS+ but we shall ignore that. Needing something different, and relaxing to play I decided to give Journey a go. I was not disappointed.

The game was originally released back in 2012 for the PS3 and in 2015 they released it for the PS4, adding it to PS+ the following year. I remember seeing gameplay for it and wanting to play it however, despite owning the game since 2016, this week was the first time I booted it up.

Firstly I groaned as the in-game tutorial showed be that to look around I must move the controller, I’m not a fan of those types of controls however i was happy to discover that the same action could be controlled by the analog stick. The tutorial was simple, easy to understand and wasn’t obtrusive in any way, just simple images showing the controls rather than long winded information about why you are doing what you are doing. This reminded me of Rime as it just throws the player into the game, which is something I enjoy in a game.

The game starts in a desert where you must complete puzzles to go release small pieces of material which boosts your character’s ability to jump. Each area has collectables which increase the length of your cloak, which provides the jumping power. The end of each level shows how many of these collectables have been collected. The destination target is a mountain which is forever looming in the distance, as we get closer to the summit the environment changes, bringing in darker, harsher areas. The soft sand, which often transforms the game into that of downhill sking, is replaced with treacherous snow and blizzards.

The artwork on this game is beautiful. For a game that is predominantly orange, it is stunning but the thing that really brings this game to life is the music. It fits perfect into every stage and really brings the game to life, as the game progressed the got more and more fitting. This really made it a stunning game.

Every so often I would come across another person, at first i thought they were randomly placed NPC’s that were there to show me how to do certain tasks. It wasnt until the end when I discovered I had actually encountered 8 other players!

It was also at the end when I received my first trophy. The game does have a few trophies which will make replaying it more enjoyable.

My only critisim of this game is there isnt enough of it. I could sense it was coming to an end but I wasnt ready for it to. Despite getting lost a couple of times and struggling with a jumping puzzle the game took me less than 2 hours to complete. I know it is only fully complete when I have earnt all the trophies, but I wasn’t prepared for such a quick run-through. To be honest, I would have been disappointed if I had paid for the game.

I think I will play this game again, it is a good way to relax and forget the world (i think we all need a break from the current world) but I am not sure how many run-throughs I would do. I found this game really enjoyable and definatly recommend, especially as it is free.

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