Book Folding – Cat Catching Music.

We all know how much a cat loves to knock things out of place. I am a firm believer that if musical notes were physical entities they would never be heard in order because cats would be knocking them off the piano.

Cat Catching Music

This book fold is for my sister. She is the absolute defination of a cat lady, in a good way of course. Along with being an artist, she is also a music teacher which is why i thought this would make the perfect christmas gift for her.

This was the first pattern I made using the Bookami software having previously made the design on photoshop. I was worried about such small details on the design, especially the notes but with a bit of tweeking it ended up working well, albeit a tad bit fiddly at times.

At its new home (Photo: Sarah Leonard)

I did consider adding some colour by slotting cardstock between the folds but decided against it as I am yet to try that technique and don’t want to make a mistake and ruin the final result. Also I am pretty sure if my sister wants to add some colour to it she will do.

There is one thing I would change if I were to remake this pattern, I would make sure I leave a couple of pages at the start rather than start the design on the first page to avoid the small but noticable gap on the edge of the cats tail.

I think Darla approves (Photo: Sarah Leonard)

Overall I am over the moon at how this turned out, especially how it is my first fold for a very long time. I can’t wait to get started on my next book.

If you are interested in this book design or pattern you can find it here.

Also check out my sister’s work. Sarah is an incredibly talented artist and musician. Her work can be found here.

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