Book Folding – Galway Crest

I decided to make a folded book for my Brother-in-Law that represents where he is from, so I planned to make a coat of arms or a flag of Galway, Ireland. I decided this before seeing what their flag actually was.

It took a while to make the pattern as I had to make a few edits, making sure all the detail would be shown on the finished book. I did wonder if i could use the pattern on a laptop screen for future projects whilst printing out all 18 pages for this book. I’m glad to say I have found a way!

This book fold was very fiddly, in some places i was doing 5 cuts in the space of 3cm and many of the pages had in excess of 50 cuts. I was worried that my accuracy wouldn’t be that great and the book would not look right but overall I think it came out pretty well.

The concern for me is that the recipient would not recognise it, or that I got the design completely wrong and it was from a different place entirely! Turns out it was correct, and recognisable so I am over the moon with how it turned out.

One critism I do have is how it does look very busy so if I were to do this pattern again I would not fold as deep, so that the design would be on a plain background, rather than everywhere covered with words.

This book did make me realise just how much I need to take eye breaks. Because I was against the clock to get it finished I got my head down and worked on it for hours at a time without breaks which resulted in headaches. I ended up marking my pattern in various places to remind myself to look up and away from the book. Overall this book took me 37 hours to complete, over the space of 5 days. Well worth it though.

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