New Year

As every New Year comes by I set out a list of plans, hopes and promises for the year ahead. No matter how I describe them, they are ususally forgotten about pretty early on! Will 2021 be the exception?

As 2020 drew to an end I decided to launch my brand – Clarebedo. A name my sister would call me. A name many people say incorrectly. I felt I needed an identity that spanned accross my hobbies, and what I hope would become a business.

I am looking forward to 2021, like many hoping it will be better than it’s predecessor. Rather than resolutions I have decided to give myself a few things to work towards.

  • Firstly I want to up my crafting time and set aside time to work on projects, learn new techniques and generally be crafty.
  • Secondly I want to make sure I am trying new things. I want to take this year to learn so much and create projects I can be really proud of.
  • I want to start a junk journal. I have seen so many amazing designs and, although I think it will be tough for me, I’m excited to give it a go. I am hoping to maybe work on a page a week.
  • I want to expand and grow my brand. I would love to create a community of like minded people that can all inspire each other. I have already set up a facebook group which I hope can grow and become a really positive place.
  • Aside from crafting I want to try and get my health in check, both physical and mental. I want to feel like a better person by the time 2021 comes to an end.
  • And finally, and probably most importantly, I won’t beat myself up for not succeeding in everything I want to do.

Here is to 2021!

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