An Update

My poor neglected blog! I made a promise to write regularly but got too carried away with creating that I kept forgetting to write! I must try harder!

It has been an interesting start to the year. I have learnt so very much about book folding and have worked really hard to make some pieces I am truly proud of, something that rarely happens. I have made my first two sales over on Etsy, nne book and one pattern, both of which left me feeling incredibly happy. I had hoped to get more items listed however I refuse to list anything I feel is neither good nor tested by me which allows me to ensure every book and every pattern is as good as I can possibly can so progress can be a little slow.

I will be sharing with my little blog all the projects I have been working on including some new crafts I plan to try out, mistakes and all! I also plan on making some small update posts (like this one) to share what I have been doing and what my short-term plans are.

As we enter July, my main plan for the week is to practice and learn some paper quilling techniques, maybe even make some flowers. I have purchased quite an extensive kit filled with tools and paper so I am eager to get started. I also want to decide what my next book fold will be, currently I’m a little stumped on that one!

I shall update in a week (I promise!)

Clare x

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