Book Folding – Always

As 2022 fast approached I made the decision that in January I would dedicate my book folding to Harry Potter. This is the first of 3 planned books and is a design I have wanted to do for a very long time.

I have seen many other designs, in all sorts of crafting, where the A in the famous “Always” quote was replaced by the Deathly Hallows symbol which I have always liked. I decided to replicate this and also add in some other Potter symbols so my design features the elder wand, golden snitch and of course the famous lightning bolt scar.

The final result ended up being very different from the original design. I originally planned for this to be a combi fold so the book would have the top and bottom of each pages folded so the design would be moulded into the pages. I didn’t like how it was looking and tried to rectify the book but it didn’t look good so I decided to start again with a fresh book, making the design a cut and fold.

This was a huge book, 800 pages! I think for this design it needed to be a big book, I’m sure I could have used less pages but I don’t think the design would look quite as good, especially the triangle of the Deathly Hallow symbol as I think the image would look squished.

I decided to use card to colour the book in black as I really like the silhouette effect and think it makes the design pop.


This was the perfect design to start the year off and one that I would be happy to make again.

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