Book Folding – Pride Flag

Pride Flag Book Fold

Back in June I wanted to celebrate Pride month with a book fold so I decided to create the progressive pride flag within the word pride as a combi book fold. I figured a simple design would not take too long, however it became my longest project taking a full month to complete.

This book, which was over 600 pages, was the largest book I have folded to date. It was also the most repetitive which caused me to struggle to work on it for long periods at a time. As I got past the triangle and the design was just the stripes of the flag the measurements were all the same so I found myself losing track of which line of the pattern I was working on, forgetting if I had marked off the page I had just done.

Colouring the design was beyond fiddly. I added the colour using rainbow card that I bought from Hobbycraft which was was cut into strips and fitted into the book, held together by just 5mm of book page. This process was a nightmare and almost made me quit many times, however I pushed on and ended up getting the result I wanted. I do think a heavier card stock would have been better for this project as the card did bend easily and I struggled to make it neat in some places.

Rainbow Card

I can think of better ways to do this book now, one way is to stick the 6 colours together first and then attach it into the book rather than small individual little strips of card. I think this will look better and also help with my sanity.

2021 was the year that I was able to extensively develop my book folding ability, changing my technique over several projects and learning how best to achieve perfect results. Looking back on this project I can see so many flaws and changes I would make, however I am still happy with how this book turned out, as is it’s recipient and although I could make many improvements now, I highly doubt that I would remake this design.


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